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So Smart! Productions is a leading creator and producer of top-rated educational entertainment products for young children. Its trusted brands include So Smart! Baby’s Beginnings and Baby’s First Word-Stories for babies and toddlers, and King Otis and The Kingdom of Goode for preschoolers.

Founded in 1997 by early childhood development researcher and artist, Alexandra Tornek, and husband and media producer, Scott Tornek, their videos and music—with simple stories, adorable characters, catchy songs and a pace that’s just right—are enjoyed by families around the world.


About Us








As countless parents, educators and professional organizations will attest, So Smart! remains their top choice. Here are some of the reasons why:


So Smart! uses...


Gently animated, bright colors and simple images that are specially developed for babies and toddlers.


Minimal, smooth scene transitions, choreographed like a ballet of images woven together, while avoiding the use of sudden changes in viewpoint or camera angles, which can confuse and over-stimulate babies and toddlers.


Slow, easy-to-follow pace that encourages interaction and participation—usually in the form of laughing, clapping, "talking," and dancing!


A unique technique that builds each new subject matter using different shapes, creating a puzzle-like effect and the excitement of "What happens next?"


Narration, varied contexts and repetition to introduce first words, allowing babies to grasp the sounds of words and eventually, their meanings. Read our Our Ten Tips on Language for Little Ones.


Original artwork and adorable characters that are engaging for this age group.


Specially-selected classical music, or original music scores, that are enjoyable for both little ones and their parents!


Fun additional activities that are included in each DVD, for parents and children to do together.



What Makes Us Different


Around since 1997 - Winner of over 30 National Awards




Alex Tornek

Co-President and C.E.O

Ms. Tornek founded So Smart! Productions to fulfill a glaring need for well-designed, quality learning tools for young children. Her unique education and work experience has enabled her to develop innovative learning products for a growing market that has come to include kids of all ages. She has more than 15 years experience in the fields of art and psychology, as a scientific researcher, painter, illustrator, and now as the creative visionary for So Smart! Productions.


Educational and Professional Background: BS, University of Pennsylvania; Psychology MS, University of Miami; Clinical Psychology Doctoral work in Early Childhood Development; Published author of numerous papers on Early Childhood Development.











Scott Tornek​​

Scott Tornek

Co-President and C.E.O

Scott Tornek shared his wife's vision for the development of specialized programming for children, and joined the company soon after its founding. Mr. Tornek's experience in film and television production, combined with his writing and business experience, has been instrumental in developing the highly successful products at So Smart! Productions. 


Educational and Professional Background: BA, University of Pennsylvania, International Diplomacy; MBA, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; Film and television production for Viacom and Universal; Published author, including Gannett and Knight-Ridder; Former strategy consultant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

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